Egypt Day Tours

 Egypt Day Tours

Tour of the pyramidsVisit the Great Pyramids Giza
The Great Sphinx in front of Chefren pyramid                       From 35$


196666_210476612297663_204607292884595_909343_4028544_nTour to the Pyramids, Sphinx and Valley Temple
Visit the Egyptian Museum                                                    From 40$


Egypt Family Holiday PackageTour to the Pyramids, Sphinx and Valley Temple
Visit the Egyptian Museum                                                   From 45$


Pyramids, Memphis and Sakkara TourThe Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus             From 55$
Tour to the old capital of Egypt Memphis


Nile River Dinner Cruise in CairoTour to the Pyramids
Lunch with open buffet service
Belly dancing show                                                               From 55$


Coptic and Islamic Cairo TourSalah El Din Citadel where Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque stays
Ibn Tulun Mosque                                                                    From 40$


Sakkara and Memphis Day Trip 3Tour to Dahshur
Visit Memphis                                                                       From 55$


Camel Ride by The Pyramids
If you would like to ride a camel or horse by the pyramids in the Egyptian the desert.
                                                                                              From 15$


Dinner Nile Cruise & Oriental Entertainment Tour in CairoBelly dancer show
Oriental Show
Dinner with an open buffet                                                 From 45$


Overland Tour Package of Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria 5Tour to the Valley of the Kings
Visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Tour to Karnak temple                                                         From 50$


Luxor day tour from CairoLuxor temple
Karnak temple in Luxor                                                        From 230$


Alexandria Day TourThe library of Alexandria
Site of lighthouse
Palaces of Farok                                                                    From 50$


El Alamain Day Trip from AlexandriaVisit the WW II Cemeteries
The Military Museum                                                             From 55$


Day Tour to Rosetta from AlexandriaVisit Rosetta stone
Take a motor boat in the Nile                                                From 50$


Aswan Felluca Ride to Nubian VillageVisit Kom Ombo temple
Visit Edfu temple
Lunch at local restaurant                                                     From 60$

Cairo and Luxor Tour Package by Sleeper Train 661 Night accommodation in Cairo
Giza Pyramids                                                           2 Days, 1 Night
Visit The Egyptian Museum                                               From 135$


Egypt Nile Cruise Travel 3

1 night hotel accommodation in Aswan
Aswan day tour                                                            2 Days, 1 Night
Luxor tour                                                                            From 600$


Cairo and Nile Cruise Tour Package 31 Night in Luxor
Luxor & East Bank tour                                               2 Days, 1 Night
Luxor West Bank tour                                                         From 180$